privacy policy

Chapter 1: General Provisions

Article 1 (Purpose)

These Terms and Conditions govern the use of the 'WIH App Service' (hereinafter referred to as the 'Service') provided by Wealth in Health (hereinafter referred to as the 'Company'), the rights, obligations, responsibilities, and use of services between the Company and its members. Its purpose is to stipulate all other matters, such as the terms and conditions of use and procedures in accordance with

Article 2 (Definition of terms)

The definitions of the terms used in these Terms and Conditions are as defined in each of the following subparagraphs.

1. ‘WIH App Service’ refers to a service provided by the company so that members can transfer and pay ETH within the ‘WIH App’ through various wired and wireless devices and programs such as mobile devices, PCs, and smartphones.

2. ‘WIH App’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Wallet App’) refers to a dedicated application provided by the company to members for the purpose of providing services.

3. ‘Member’ refers to a person who has installed the wallet app, applied for membership, received certification and approval from the company, and entered into a service use contract with the company.

4. ‘ETH, etc.’ refers to the virtual asset ‘Ethereum’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘ETH’) and virtual assets that the company provides services among other virtual assets, and means of transaction that can be used within the service between members.

5. ‘Remittance’ refers to the transfer of ETH, etc. to another member after identity verification through the ‘password’ or ‘biometric information’ set by the member.

6. ‘Payment’ is a type of ETH transfer method, and refers to a transfer method in which the member receiving the transfer obtains separate approval from the company and transfers ETH using a special function within the ‘Wallet App’.

7. ‘Bar code’ refers to a unique identification code generated and issued by the company for each member.

8. ‘Password’ refers to the service password (6 digits) set separately by the member for the use of the service as a member authentication password used to prevent illegal use and access of the service.

9. 'Biometric information' refers to bio information that can identify a member, and is information about physical or behavioral characteristics such as fingerprint, face, iris, voice, signature, etc. It refers to information that can be used, and 'biometric information' can be substituted for 'password' by the choice of 'member'.

10. ‘Authentication information’ refers to a member authentication method recognized by the company, such as a password and biometric information, as a member authentication method when using the service.

11. ‘Wallet address’ is a member’s unique account consisting of numbers and letters that can be used to send and receive ETH, etc., and can be used for sending and receiving ETH, etc. between members.

12. ‘QR code’ is an encrypted text composed of numbers and letters, and can be used for remittance and payment between ‘members’.

13. ‘Service fee’ refers to the service fee the company receives from the member when the member uses the remittance/payment service.

14. ‘Coupon’ refers to a certificate in which the benefits that a member can receive from the company or affiliates are electronically stored and recorded.

15. ‘PUSH’ message service refers to a service in which the company transmits a message to a member’s device by utilizing the data communication function of the mobile device notification service.

16. 'Access medium' is used to issue transaction instructions or to ensure the truth and accuracy of users and transaction details in the use of this service, such as electronic financial transaction means means.

17. ‘Account’ refers to a combination of letters or numbers assigned to a member by the company to identify the member and provide services after the member agrees to these Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Article 3 (Effect and Change of Terms and Conditions)

1 These terms and conditions become effective when the contents are posted on the service screen or notified to members by other means, and members who agree to them sign up for the service.

2 If deemed necessary, the company may change these terms and conditions within the scope of not violating relevant laws. In addition to the notice, the member is notified through electronic means such as e-mail and text message for a certain period of time.

3 The company shall include in the notice or notification pursuant to the preceding paragraph that if the member does not express his or her intention to refuse by the effective date of the change in the terms and conditions, the company shall be deemed to have agreed to the changed terms and conditions, and the member expressly expresses his or her intention to refuse. If not, the member is deemed to have agreed to the changed terms and conditions.

4 If the member does not agree to the changed terms and conditions, he/she may express his or her intention to refuse to the company and terminate the service use contract by the day before the application date.

Article 4 (Rules other than Terms and Conditions)

1 The company may have a separate operating policy in addition to these terms and conditions.

2 For matters not specified in these terms and conditions, separate policies, detailed usage guidelines, and related laws and regulations in the preceding paragraph apply.

3 Individual operating policies and detailed usage guidelines set by the company can be checked by members in the process of using the service, and if there is a change in the individual operating policies and detailed usage guidelines, the company will notify them on its website or app.

Chapter 2 Service Use Agreement

Article 5 (Establishment of use contract)

1 The member completes the application for membership by filling in the member information according to the sign-up form set by the company and expressing his or her intention to agree to these terms and conditions.

2 After the member completes the application in the preceding paragraph and completes the identity verification authentication procedure in Article 6, Paragraph 2, it is established by the ‘company’ accepting it.

Article 6 (Restrictions on Acceptance of Application for Use)

1 The company may reject a ‘member’ application for membership in the following cases.

1. In case the provision of service is technically impossible

2. In the case of application for use other than the mobile phone holder and e-mail identity verification

3. If approval is not possible due to reasons attributable to the applicant, such as missing or misspelled information when signing up for membership

4. Other cases where the application requirements stipulated in these Terms and Conditions are not satisfied

5. In case you want to use the service for fraudulent purposes or for a separate business purpose

6. It is not appropriate to accept the application for use because it is judged to be in violation of related laws and sub-regulations, internal guidelines of supervisory authorities, company terms and conditions, or for the purpose of hindering or hindering social well-being, order, and morals. If the 'company' determines that it is not

7. If the age of the applicant for membership is under the age of 14

2 The company requests real name verification and identity verification through a specialized agency to the extent permitted by law to confirm whether the information provided by the member matches the facts.

Authentication, password, biometric authentication, etc.

3 Among the authentication methods in the preceding paragraph, all responsibility for the management of password and biometric authentication belongs to the member himself, and the ‘member’ cannot lend or transfer his/her information to a third party or perform similar actions. All responsibility arising from this lies with the member himself.

Article 7 (Termination of Contract and Restriction on Use)

1 Members may terminate the service use contract on the wallet app or homepage according to the method and procedure set by the company.

2 The company may terminate the service use contract or restrict the use of the service if the member has any of the following reasons.

1. In case of consecutive password input errors

2. In case of hacking or accident or suspicion of identity theft

3. When a government agency requests service restrictions in accordance with relevant laws and regulations

4. If you are involved in money laundering, unfair trade, illegal activities, etc. or are reasonably suspected to be involved

5. If it is determined that it is difficult for the member to provide further service due to violation of related laws, supervisory regulations, supervisory authority guidelines, and the contents of these Terms and Conditions, etc.

6. In case of signing up in an abnormal way, such as stealing someone else's mobile phone number

7. If it is objectively recognized that the service was used for an unreasonable purpose beyond the purpose of use

8. If the user registered as a member is under the age of 14

9. In case of distributing computer virus programs, etc.

10. In the case of false information (including registration of biometric information of a third party) when applying for membership

11. In case of hacking or hacking

12. If information is provided from a government agency or financial institution that the member's account is suspected of being used for illegal activities

13. In case the same member registers multiple accounts against the company's policy

14. In case other members violate these terms and conditions

3 If a member has an objection to the company's actions in the preceding paragraph, he or she may file an objection according to the procedure set by the company, and the company will immediately resume using the service if the objection is recognized as legitimate.

4 When the company terminates or restricts the service use contract in accordance with paragraph 2, the company does not arbitrarily dispose of the assets held by the member along with the same, and follows the disposition of related laws or government agencies. However, if such disposition is not necessary, it will be settled in a reasonable way at the request of the member after a certain period of time.

Chapter 3 Service Use

Article 8 (Initiation of Service Use)

1 The service for ‘members’ begins when the company approves the member’s application for use.

2 If the service is not started at the time of the preceding paragraph due to business or technical reasons of the company, it will be notified on the service screen or homepage.

Article 9 (Service Provision and Use)

1 The services provided by the company to members are divided into remittance and payment of virtual assets, and confirmation of usage details.

2 The company provides remittance services according to the following subparagraphs.

1.In order to confirm whether the information provided by the member when transferring ETH matches the facts, real-name verification or identity verification may be requested through a specialized agency to the extent permitted by law.

2. When transferring funds such as ETH, the number of times or maximum/minimum limits per transaction may be applied according to the security level or regulations set by the company, and detailed standards for the limit are posted separately on the service application or homepage.

3. Members can transfer ETH, etc. to other members within the service after setting the transfer method among 'wallet address', 'QR code', and 'contact' after the identity verification procedure in No. 1.

3 The company provides payment services according to the following subparagraphs.

1. Members must separately apply to the company and obtain approval before using the payment service.

2. When paying ETH, the number of times or the maximum/minimum limit per session may be applied according to the security level or regulations set by the company, and detailed standards for the limit are posted separately on the service application or homepage.

4 In the event of a market disruption or force majeure event, the company may take one or more actions in accordance with the following subparagraphs, and the company is not responsible for any losses incurred by the member as a result of these actions.

1. Suspension of access to ‘Wallet App’

2. Suspension of using all services within the ‘Wallet App’

Article 10 (Service Fee)

1 When ETH, etc. is transferred through the member-to-member remittance service, the company receives a 0.1% service fee from the remittance member.

2 When ETH is transferred through the member-to-member payment service, the company receives a 0.2% service fee from the member receiving the payment.

3 The service fee is posted separately on the wallet app or company website, and if the service fee is changed, it will be applied after prior notice to the member in accordance with Article 21.

Article 11 (Service Hours)

1 In principle, this service is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, the service may be temporarily suspended due to company business operations or technical reasons.

2 If necessary, the company can divide the service into a certain range and separately set the available time for each range.

3 In the case of paragraph 2 above, in principle, the company notifies the member of the reason for the restriction of service provision and the period, etc. in detail on the service provision screen in the wallet app or on the company website. However, temporary suspension, etc. Exceptions will be made for cases that occur due to unforeseen circumstances.

The company may conduct an inspection if it deems it necessary for the smooth provision of the service, and the inspection time is notified on the service provision screen.

Article 12 (Change and Suspension of Service)

1 In order to change the contents of the service, the company must notify the details of the change and the date of provision in advance on the service screen or homepage.

2 The company may limit or suspend all or part of the service in the following cases.

1. In case telecommunications service is suspended by key communication service provider

2. In case of unavoidable circumstances due to construction such as maintenance of service facilities

3. If it is difficult for the company to continue providing services due to significant management reasons, such as business transfer, discontinuation of business such as division or merger, expiration of contracts with important affiliates, or significant deterioration in revenue of the service concerned

4. In the event of a cause specified in Article 11, Paragraphs 1 and 2, such as failure of facilities, power outages, or congestion of usage volume, etc.

5. In the event of force majeure events such as natural disasters and national emergencies

6. In the case of a service provided by a third party such as an affiliated company rather than a service directly provided by the company, if the third party such as an affiliated company stops the service

7. If it is objectively clear that the company cannot provide services due to other serious reasons

3 The company's obligation to notify service interruption pursuant to Paragraph 2 is in accordance with Article 11 Paragraph 3.

4 The company shall not inform members about problems (including changes in the value of ETH, etc.) arising from changes or suspensions of services that are not intentional or due to gross negligence, and changes, suspensions, suspensions, or limitations of services notified in advance. about No liability is assumed.

Article 13 (Marketing)

1 When a member purchases a product through the service, the company may provide the member with a coupon, etc. according to its own marketing policy.

2 Members may use the coupons provided pursuant to the preceding paragraph within the specified period, and if they are obtained unfairly or fraudulently, the company may take action to retrieve them.

Article 14 (Provision of Information)

1 The company posts notices related to service operation on the website or wallet app, or notifies members through SMS, PUSH messages, etc. of the mobile phone number provided by the member, or through the e-mail address.

2 The company notifies members of various information related to service operation by posting on the website or wallet app.

3 Member agrees to the company placing or presenting advertisements, other content and materials for promotional purposes as part of the service.

Article 15 (Notes on Service Use)

1 The company refuses to process the requested transaction if necessary to prevent damages that the member may bear due to the transaction that occurred under the circumstances of Article 7, Paragraph 2 and Article 20, etc. transaction amount and others You may place restrictions on other terms and conditions.

2 In the event of bankruptcy, dissolution of an important affiliate, suspension of reasonable service provision, government policy such as relevant laws and regulations, supervisory authorities, or reasons similar thereto, the Company shall not be liable for any individual services available to members in the service. You can exclude virtual assets.

3 The company does its best to notify members in advance of whether virtual assets are excluded in the preceding paragraph, and the company transfers virtual assets to personal wallets issued by other services for at least 30 days from the date of notification of the suspension of trading.

4 The content provided by the service is supplementary material for using the service, and is not a solicitation or suggestion of investment or trading. The company does not guarantee the accuracy of the content and information provided by other information providers.

5 ETH, etc. is not a legal currency, and has high volatility, where the market price changes according to various issues such as speculative demand and changes in the regulatory environment. considered acquired. Members are responsible for the use or use of ETH, etc., and all possible gains and losses belong to the member.

Chapter 4 Obligations of Contracting Parties

Article 16 (Obligations of the company)

1 The company strives to provide services continuously and reliably as stipulated in these terms and conditions.

2 The company does not disclose or distribute the member's personal information learned in connection with the service provision to a third party without the consent of the member. However, exceptions are made in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.

3 When a member's complaint related to the service is received through the customer center, the company promptly handles it. If prompt processing is not possible, the reason and processing schedule are posted on the service screen. Notify the member.

4 If the damage caused to the member due to the service provided by the company is due to a cause attributable to the company, the company is liable for compensation, and the company is responsible for compensating for damages in accordance with the company's compensation policy. paper Take necessary measures, such as signing up for insurance or mutual aid, or making a separate deposit.

5 In principle, when the company compensates for damages collectively to all members who have suffered damages due to reasons attributable to the company that do not fall under Article 23, the company will notify the members in advance by posting in the service or by e-mail or App Push. by However, in the event of unavoidable circumstances, such as a loss of contact with a member, a follow-up notification may be made after taking a preemptive action. However, if a member requests individual compensation for damages from the company, the reason for the claim and the amount of the claim must be stated. When submitted in writing to the company, the company compensates the member for damages according to the company's compensation policy.

6 The company faithfully complies with all laws and regulations related to the operation and maintenance of services, such as the 「Information and Communication Network Act」, 「Location Information Protection Act」, 「Protection of Communications Secrets Act」, and 「Telecommunications Business Act」.

Article 17 (Obligations of Members)

1 Members must comply with the provisions of this agreement, related laws, user guides and precautions notified in the service, and matters notified by the company, and must not engage in any behavior that interferes with other company operations or services.< /h4>

2 Members shall not engage in any of the following acts when using the service.

1. Entering false facts when applying for or changing service use, stealing or fraudulently using third-party information, or performing authentication by an actual user without the permission of the mobile phone owner

2. An act of registering a third party's authentication information and using the service

3. An act of obtaining or duplicating a barcode in an illegal way to use the service

4. Copying, distributing, or commercially using information obtained by using the company's service information without prior consent from the company

5. Registering or distributing data infected with computer viruses that cause malfunction of service-related facilities or destruction or confusion of information

6. Infringing intellectual property rights such as copyrights of the company and other third parties

7. Actions that damage the reputation of the company and other third parties or interfere with their work

8. Disrupting sound trading order by unfairly influencing the market price of virtual assets

9. Collecting, storing, or disclosing personal information of other members

10. Changing information posted by other companies

11. Other illegal or violating public order and morals

3 If a member commits an act specified in each subparagraph of Paragraph 2, he or she accepts the company's measures such as restriction or termination of use of all or part of the service without objection. In addition, we faithfully reimburse the company's claims for damages.

4 If the company receives various objections, including claims or lawsuits, from a third party due to a tort or violation of these terms and conditions by a member in using the service, the member shall bear the responsibility and expense of the company. disclaimer and the member must compensate for all damages suffered by the company as a result.

5 Members cannot transfer or donate the right to use the service or other status under the use contract to a third party.

Article 18 (Responsibility for Management of Members’ Authentication Information, etc.)

1 Member is responsible for the management of wallet address and authentication information, and bears all responsibility for damages caused by negligent management.

2 If a member recognizes that their wallet address and authentication information are stolen or used by a third party, they must immediately take measures such as changing the authentication information, etc., and at the same time notify the company, guided by

Article 19 (Change of member information)

Members must correct the information in accordance with the method prescribed by the company when the information entered at the time of application for service use is changed. The company does not take any responsibility for problems arising from the member's failure to amend the changes in a timely manner. I will not lose.

Article 20 (Reporting or changing the loss or theft of a device using the service)

1 Members must immediately report the loss or theft of a mobile device or access medium to the company. In this case, the company will take measures to prevent remittance and payment only when the report is received.

2 When a member who has completed the procedure in paragraph 1 wants to apply for compensation for fraudulent use due to loss or theft, he/she can apply for compensation to the company. You can be compensated for the amount of fraudulent use by a third party.

3 Notwithstanding Paragraph 2, members shall bear all responsibilities for fraudulent use in the following cases.

1. Illegal use due to negligent management of mobile devices, rental, transfer, provision of collateral, third-party storage, etc.

2. Illegal use due to leakage of authentication information such as password

3. Illegal use by members' family members and cohabitants (including de facto cohabitants)

4 If a member changes the name or phone number of the device after reporting in this section, he/she must apply for use again using the dedicated application or cancel the service.

Article 21 (Notification to Members)

The company notifies members in the manner prescribed by Article 14, Paragraph 1, etc.

Article 22 (Protection of personal information of members, etc.)

1 The company strives to protect members' personal information, including member registration information, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations. Matters concerning the protection of the member's personal information are set forth in the relevant laws and the company's personal information handling policy. Follow the bar.

2 The company may provide the member's personal information to affiliates and service consignment operators with the member's consent in order to provide the service.

3 As a rule, the company performs tasks such as handling and management of collected personal information by itself, but if necessary, some or all of the above tasks can be entrusted to a company selected by the company with the consent of the member.

Chapter 5 Settlement of Disputes

Article 23 (Indemnity of the Company)

1 The company shall not be liable for service provision if it is temporarily or ultimately unable to provide service due to natural disasters or equivalent force majeure, maintenance, replacement or breakdown of information and communication facilities, or communication disruption. are exempted. In this case, the company notifies the member by posting on the Internet site provided by the company or by other possible notification methods.

2 The company is not responsible for service failures caused by reasons attributable to members or their consequences.

3 The company and the affiliated company (referring to a company that operates a system connected to the company's service through links, partnerships, etc.) are operated independently, and transactions or contracts between the affiliated company and members are the parties to the transaction or contract. phosphorus smoke It is done under the responsibility of the association and each member. The company is not involved in any transactions or contracts between affiliated companies and members, and is not responsible for them.

4 In the event of a dispute arising from a transaction between members or between a member and a third party through the service, the parties to the transaction must directly conduct necessary post-processing such as dispute resolution, and the company has no obligation to be involved in this. no and is not responsible for compensating for damages caused by the member. However, if the situation is serious and members request mediation, we may be involved in resolving the issue.

5 The company does not guarantee any matters not specified in these terms and conditions in relation to the service. In addition, the company does not guarantee the value of virtual assets issued by the company or not guaranteed to be paid.

Article 24 (Dispute Settlement)

1 The company operates a victim customer center to reflect legitimate opinions or complaints raised by members and to deal with complaints.

2 As a rule, the company promptly handles opinions and complaints raised by members. However, if prompt processing is difficult, the reason and processing schedule will be notified to the member.

3 If a member applies for damage relief in relation to a dispute between the company and the member, it may be subject to mediation by the dispute mediation agency.

Article 25 (Jurisdiction and Governing Law)

1 In case a dispute arises between the company and the member regarding the use of the service, the company and the member conscientiously consult to resolve the dispute.

2 If the dispute is not resolved through the consultation in paragraph 1, the lawsuit between the parties shall be governed by the provisions of the competent court under the 「Civil Procedure Act」. If the user's address or residence is not clear at the time of filing the complaint, or if the user is a foreign resident, Same.

3 The laws of the Republic of Korea apply to lawsuits filed between the company and members.


These Terms and Conditions are effective from March 16, 2023.